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The Changing Face Of Relationships

With porn addiction ever on the rise, the face of a relationship has changed.

Not only has this affected relationships it's affected men and women's confidence.

Spending too much time looking at porn and masturbating has turned a beautiful thing into a sad state of impotence, anger, jealousy, and regret.

Congratulations if you stopped the addiction of rubbing one out and hiding from life. 
But that's just the start. We need to get that energy moving up to the higher points in the spine.
Without moving the sexual energy up the spine, you are locked in the fear zone. 

Have you now replaced it with a screen? The endorphin hit is the same. Granted not totally but, that's why you're looking for more whiz bangs in that game or other media.

How about unplugging?
How about going for a walk and connecting with nature again? 
How about freeing your sexual energy to move up the spine and free your mind? 
How about finding joy in life and love again?

Free your mind without drugs, screens…