And Now For Something Different, A Self Promotion

Mahan Kaur is a 20-year veteran of Kundalini Yoga.  A Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Minister, Massage Therapist, and a SatNamRasayan/Reiki practitioner (Spiritual Healer) specializing in:

Whole Life Healing for:
  • Addiction 
  • Sexual spiritual health and healing for couples and individuals. 
Guiding you in, self-discovery and acceptance.

You will discover how to be an active part in your own wellness. Healthy daily living skills and a healthy sex life are all part of one's self-realization.

Message me to set up your online consultation Consultation 30 minutes: 54€ 

Weekly sessions: one hour 108€

Working together we personalize your healthy lifestyle program with weekly assignments.


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