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The Travelers Are The Ambassadors

No matter where we go we're the ambassadors for our state, our country, even our neighborhoods. This is not a choice we make. This is a fact of living in a world of diversity. It’s important to remember as we travel to bring the best of our cultures and our compassion to each other. It’s important that we remember everyone is unique and has their own ways of being. 

As we bring compassion we increase the understanding of each other. Leave it not up to Gouvernements to forge the way of world peace. The olive branch is in our hands. Stretch out that olive branch by embracing, learning, and experiencing cultures near and  far and thus making the world a more neighborly place. 

What creates the way we/they are? History. 
Look to the past for understanding, study the hows and whys this can help us grow our compassion.

When we step out of our door each day let us not think only of ourselves let us think, "How can Ii bring some understanding and compassion to my travels today?"

May …