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Stepping on Holiday Toes

Stepping on toes or being compassionate of others' traditions? How far do we go?  What do we keep from our past cultural traditions?  What I'm about to say may sound harsh or offend, but I tell you now, this is not my intent. My intent is to pose questions and ideas of being compassionate of all. We have evolved and stepped away from blood sacrifice, knowing that the sun will rise again and there will be a new day. We have grown in so many ways of understanding our ancestors' motivations. We carry forward traditions and leave other parts behind. We are at a dawning of new times. Now, more than ever, we are multicultural countries. When our egos get involved, the war begins. Let us set aside our egos and open our hearts to our neighbors. Are you the traditionalist or the space explorer?  The traditionalist lives where she/he has lived all their lives and holds the traditions.  The space explorer brings new ideas forward and opens the space for new traditions. We need each to grow mo…