Warming Tea Recipe

Warm up and stay healthy with a wonderful homemade Yogini brew.

What you need: 3 or 4 Black peppercorns  Benefits
10 cardamon pods  Benefits
4 Juniper berries  Benefits
4-5 Star anise  Benefits
2inch or 5cm piece of fresh ginger   Benefits
Black Tea (optional)  Benefits
Milk to taste (optional)

A large pot filled with water

Add to water and Boil 1-2 hours.
To finish add 2-4 bags black tea just steep for a few minutes then take bags out. Do not squeeze tea bags this will bake a bitter taste. If adding milk to pot add now. Cook a bit longer to marry the flavors. Cup up and enjoy!

Added note: 
If you want to make a latte style drink add 1/2 cup of your Yogini Tea brew to frothed milk.
If you want to make a smaller pot the cooking time is cut in half.

If you would like you can ferment the Yogini Brew to add health benefits.

Take 1 liter or 1 quart of the Yogini Brew without milk added. mix 1/2 cup whey or water kefir, 1/2 cup of 1 kind of sweetener, choose your favorite: Raw honey, Raw sugar, or Real maple syrup.
 Mix together, let sit covered in a dark warm place for 2 days then move to the refrigerator. Enjoy. 
It keeps for months. Add to smoothies, warm milk or drink as is.


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