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Warming Tea Recipe

Warm up and stay healthy with a wonderful homemade Yogini brew.
What you need: 3 or 4 Black peppercorns  Benefits
10 cardamon pods  Benefits
4 Juniper berries  Benefits
4-5 Star anise  Benefits
2inch or 5cm piece of fresh ginger   Benefits
Black Tea (optional)  Benefits
Milk to taste (optional) A large pot filled with water

Add to water and Boil 1-2 hours. To finish add 2-4 bags black tea just steep for a few minutes then take bags out. Do not squeeze tea bags this will bake a bitter taste. If adding milk to pot add now. Cook a bit longer to marry the flavors. Cup up and enjoy!

Added note:  If you want to make a latte style drink add 1/2 cup of your Yogini Tea brew to frothed milk. If you want to make a smaller pot the cooking time is cut in half.
If you would like you can ferment the Yogini Brew to add health benefits.
Take 1 liter or 1 quart of the Yogini Brew without milk added. mix 1/2 cup whey or water kefir, 1/2 cup of 1 kind of sweetener, choose your favorite: Raw honey, Raw sugar, or …

Mourning Loss Is Unique

It's that time of year when everything green is dying and we delight in the changes in colors around us. Delighting in the end of a season, knowing all things must die to bring rebirth. We celebrate the scariness and ugliness with costume and ornamentation. We celebrate the black and the bleeding, the orange, and the burning, the yellow glow of shimmering flames reminding us of loss and helping us burn through the pain. The way we mourn is often a reflection of the way we live life. Each culture has a way of mourning. But what about when that fanfare passes and you're left alone to walk the road of mourning. This is a road we all must walk alone. Even if it's a family losing a partner, parent or a child. This passing is devastating to the whole, but also personal to each. Death is not the only time we mourn. We mourn our passing youth. We mourn our changing relationships with people. We mourn our loss of a job and our place in the community. Life is change. Change is life. W…

Dream Reality

                             Dream On                              

                      Dream On