To Meat Or Not To Meat

 Each body is unique. 

The way our food is raised is important. The human is a highly sensitive being. We possess a sixth sense of the violence put into our food. This is one reason hunters kill swiftly - to not cause stress in the animal, as the adrenaline spoils the meat. Taking time to be thankful for the gifts that are given in this form is taking responsibility for the kill. Sadly, most of us are far removed from this process. When one spends time growing this awareness through meditation, then one often finds becoming a vegetarian or vegan is a kind choice.

Many feel that not eating meat is a kindness to other living creatures. My personal experience was: 6 years a vegetarian. Juicing vegetables, eating nuts, dairy, and whole grains. Then, my health was failing. Not knowing why, I had my own yoga practice, along with teaching yoga 3 times a day and being a very active person. With much investigation, it turned out I had many allergies to grains, soy, eggs, and beans - the staples of a vegetarian diet. With much sadness, I shifted to only eating large amounts of greens as the main staple in my diet and added a very small portion of meat - it was amazing. My inflammation and joint pain disappeared, I had more energy and lost 50lbs.
To emotionally balance the fact that I eat meat, I remember to be thankful for the farmers and hunters who work tirelessly. I use my buying power to support organic, free-range, grass-fed meats, raised with the best kindness I can find. Remembering all the while that compassionate, nonjudgmental service is the goal of my calling. The purpose of the yogic technology is to guide you in listening to your higher self. Yoga is the science of living in union with a soul and a physical body. Each person is on their own path. We can give each other guidance and suggestions, but ultimately we must choose what is the best kindness for our own body and soul. Letting go of judgment, of ourselves and others is what will change the world for the better.

May you find your own union


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