Moving Across the World

Have you ever considered a move to a new country? Or maybe you are sitting in a new life in a new country, without it even being your choice.
There are times we are called and times we are thrown into a new place. Either way, we must listen to this calling to bring our love and light to this new land and new people. Be it your choice or not, you can learn, grow and share your love and experiences.
Being a stranger in a strange land never comes easy. If you are one who has never traveled to a place unfamiliar, I highly suggest it.
Even though traveling is just the tapas version of the re-homing experience it will give you a little insight on the subjects that others new in your country are experiencing. One thing this shows us is how we're set in our ways. I know it's hard to want to change. Life is easy, when we're living from our subconsciousness on autopilot. Living on autopilot is a disservice to all, especially ourselves.
Being mindful is a moment to moment practice in which one consciously chooses one's actions and reactions. With more people being displaced because of war or moving to new places for better opportunities, we need to see this as a wonderful chance to grow our understanding of each other.  Take that moment to moment mindfulness towards having meaningful connections.

With moving or even travel, of course, the first thing one thinks of is language challenges. Learning a new language is daunting and can often lead to depression for the newly arrived. It's up to us all to be compassionate of non-native speakers. Anyone who has mastered a second language has worked hard to get there. Much respect to you all.
Even if you have mastered the language, there is still the task of finding people you can have a connection with to build this new life.
We are very blessed to live in a time where the internet has made it possible to keep old connections and forge new ones.To share experience, be it the new landscape, photos of our food or sharing new recipes.
Food culture comes to mind for many. You wonder, will I like the food? One of the things I find interesting is snack foods. The taste palette is unique to each region. I hope to be sharing with you some snack taste tests I do as I travel. As for Americans, most of us are open to trying new foods. We have a very international smorgasbord of tastes because of our wonderful immigration history. Amazing chefs and amazing families have helped to weave a tapestry of flavors not found anywhere else.
It's wonderful to have the chance to experience the original threads of these cuisines.


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