Love the Ultimate Yoga

I’ve heard it said by some people that searching for love is just running away from one's own self-development. 
Truly relationships happen for a reason. Sometimes they come to us and sometimes we need to search for them. But don't fool yourself, they're not just about getting our physical and emotional needs met. Having a commitment in one's life is the hardest yoga you will ever do. Being a partner and having a relationship can push your buttons and show you where you need to learn to be compassionate with others and yourself. Negotiating others' needs along with your own, allowing your child or partner to be themselves without undermining their confidence is a skill. Some are here to learn to live with themselves in a more solitary life.This may come in the form of a monk, nun, or public servant. Even then, we all must serve someone. Just consuming and living for your desires will lead to depression, be it in a relationship or alone. 

Learn to be your personal best to give more.
What does that mean, to be your personal best? Being in the moment, feeling your true feelings, no numbing with your phone, TV, or internet to name a few. Overdoing anything is numbing. The utmost importance is to have that time for personal reflection, but ultimately, there comes a time when you need to be involved in something that’s bigger than just your own personal wants, needs and desires. That’s when the time comes for selfless service.

Love is an action.


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