Fear Or Love You Make the Choice

Have you been a victim of or are you adding to fearmongering?


If you have read the headlines and shared them on social media, chances are you have been.

Inflammatory stories are everywhere. Even some of my favorite companies that promote good health and healing have stooped to use click-bait, sensationalist  headlines to get people's attention. 
It's no wonder more people are living in a fear based reality.

Living in Germany for sometime, I've been given a unique opportunity to see things from outside and

viewing what the media is doing in USA and in Germany. 

The propaganda is amazing. 

The media will take one little minor incident and turn it into a bloodbath. 

People are at each other's throats over the little things. 

This is making more people fearful to travel to other countries. Fearful to get to know newcomers to their own country. 

That's not to say the world is all lollipops and kisses. 

But we are safer, healthier and more enlightened as a world family than at any time in history. 

So why is this happening? 
To find the answer, consider the following questions.

 How can you rule the masses, if they know their own mind? 

How can you get them to respond to your will and join your group?

They start by planting seeds of doubt. This serves their agenda be it isis/nazis, a political party, or a company that wants to sell you their product. 

I have met many wonderful people from all over the world. 
I know we all have the core needs and desires to be safe, warm, have our homes filled with love, have healthy food, clean water, education and healthcare for our loved ones. 

We all want our loved ones to be happy healthy and whole.

So why do we allow this fear to creep in? Mostly we forget to check-in with our soul. 

Remember that we are all children of love at heart. 

You don't need to be religious to know the core truths inside of your heart and soul.

 Being a yogi is about yoking one's self to that light of love. About moving with every breath from darkness to light. 

When you're shining your light you help push back the shadows from the world. 

Like the dawn pushing away the night, you make the world a better place. 

Another angle is awakened.
No matter your faith or beliefs, the same is true for all.

May you never thirst for compassion, ache for love-light or hunger for truth.

Here is a beautiful speech from a like-minded soul. 



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