Embody Love

How well do you love and are you loved? With each breath in every moment are you clinging to what you want or what you can give?
The world has become a fast paced overloaded mass of input, are you responding or reacting?
Sit inside your mind, but do not think. Answer these questions with your heart soul. To truly embody love you need to take time each day for 3 short minutes to be in this space of nonjudgmental self assessment. You can move beyond being a consumer, a voyeur in life to being a shining ray of love light. Starting with loving yourself in this moment as you are, a perfectly imperfect human being.
Everyone has something to offer. Each moment you sit in this space of nonjudgmental acceptance of your love light it grows stronger. This is the love light or darshana* we give to others. With a glance, a smile you become wholly. All the saints, sages and gods who have come before have given this gift to you. Now go embrace and embody this love and pass it on.

Be The Light

* Darshana is described as an "auspicious sight" of a holy person, which bestows merit on the person who is seen. "Sight" here means seeing or beholding, and/or being seen or beheld.


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