Be a Soldier of Peace

When you make the choice to set aside judgment of yourself and others you are a soldier of peace.

Funny how we don't want to be judged but we're judging others harshly. This is a form of violence.
This person is too fat or this person thinks they're so cool because they have or do...
When you are pointing at others look at the fingers pointing at you. Have you bought into the fashion, make-up having shinny things, the latest trends? Do you only feel good if you are looking down on others? Check yourself. Dressing up can make us feel good and you should have self care but when you go judging others for what they have or don't have this is making you ugly. No matter how cool your clothing is or what car you drive can't take away this kind of ugliness. Often I see this in the yoga communities. So you can bend yourself into fun shapes and your body is healthier than that guy over there but that judgment you're wearing is the ugliest outfit ever made.

Every day every moment we must choose companion. Wanting companion? Start with loving your neighbor as you love yourself.  


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