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Fear Or Love You Make the Choice

Have you been a victim of or are you adding to fearmongering? If you have read the headlines and shared them on social media, chances are you have been.

Inflammatory stories are everywhere. Even some of my favorite companies that promote good health and healing have stooped to use click-bait, sensationalist  headlines to get people's attention. 
It's no wonder more people are living in a fear based reality.
Living in Germany for sometime, I've been given a unique opportunity to see things from outside and
viewing what the media is doing in USA and in Germany. 

The propaganda is amazing. 

The media will take one little minor incident and turn it into a bloodbath. 

People are at each other's throats over the little things. 

This is making more people fearful to travel to other countries. Fearful to get to know newcomers to their own country. 

That's not to say the world is all lollipops and kisses. 

But we are safer, healthier and more enlightened as a world family than at any …

Healthy Gut Healthy Mind

How we feed our body has a direct effect on our brain and how our mind functions.
In these times of abundance, it's sad to see we have lost some of the most beneficial foods those being fermented foods. Many foods have been superheated to kill the bad bacteria along with the good to ship and keep them the shelves for a longer time. Fermented foods help heal the digestive and immune system with an amazing variety of probiotics. Along with balancing the insulin in the body and ridding the body of an overproduction of uric acid. When one isn't suffering from digestive issues and insulin swings the brain and can function at its best. So many ailments respond to healthy balancing from fermented foods. Fermented foods will increase the strength of your immune system. Fermented foods help with regulating the overproduction yeast that causes common ailments such as yeast infections, athlete's foot, jock itch, and acne just to name a few.

Here are some wonderful low-cost recipes o…

Embody Love

How well do you love and are you loved? With each breath in every moment are you clinging to what you want or what you can give?
The world has become a fast paced overloaded mass of input, are you responding or reacting?
Sit inside your mind, but do not think. Answer these questions with your heart soul. To truly embody love you need to take time each day for 3 short minutes to be in this space of nonjudgmental self assessment. You can move beyond being a consumer, a voyeur in life to being a shining ray of love light. Starting with loving yourself in this moment as you are, a perfectly imperfect human being.
Everyone has something to offer. Each moment you sit in this space of nonjudgmental acceptance of your love light it grows stronger. This is the love light or darshana* we give to others. With a glance, a smile you become wholly. All the saints, sages and gods who have come before have given this gift to you. Now go embrace and embody this love and pass it on.

* Darshana is descr…

Be a Soldier of Peace

When you make the choice to set aside judgment of yourself and others you are a soldier of peace.Funny how we don't want to be judged but we're judging others harshly. This is a form of violence.
This person is too fat or this person thinks they're so cool because they have or do...
When you are pointing at others look at the fingers pointing at you. Have you bought into the fashion, make-up having shinny things, the latest trends? Do you only feel good if you are looking down on others? Check yourself. Dressing up can make us feel good and you should have self care but when you go judging others for what they have or don't have this is making you ugly. No matter how cool your clothing is or what car you drive can't take away this kind of ugliness. Often I see this in the yoga communities. So you can bend yourself into fun shapes and your body is healthier than that guy over there but that judgment you're wearing is the ugliest outfit ever made.

Every day every m…