Looking Back is Moving Forward

When one starts doing yoga, you're opening to a new way of being, seeing the world and feeling more connected. 
Bravo people, you have started on the path. 
But the real work is hard. Don't give up! Keep -UP!
Yoking yourself to God (Yoga) has nothing to do with the funny ways you can make your body move or how long you can sit in meditation. These are scientific tools to help the process of:

  • Knowing your soul. 
  • Learning to listen to your true self.
  • Learning the voice of the ego vs soul's voice.
  • Building spiritual emotional strength.
  • Seeing yourself for more than what you have been told you can be.
  • Facing yourself with compassion.

 The kind of compassion one feels when seeing a baby duck.
We are all this baby at times. Never should you succumb to the violence of impatiences to yourself or others.  

 Finding the gifts in our trauma is one way to help us move forward. If harm has happened to you, be it intentionally or unintentionally, the healing can only begin with forgiveness and compassion.

 You are now becoming the light. A light can't be half on. When you put the universes in motion with your daily intentions you shine. When you give up you have turned the light off. You can be a dim light in the fog getting brighter as you shine your reflecting glass. Now you are shedding the violent past ways of being. You are always a light to those around you, so remember, what you shine is what you shall reap.

Remember our struggle and our mistakes are gifts if you choose to learn from them.


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