Free Speech Isn't Free

Speech has a price no matter where you live or who you are.
Some think what they have to say is of no concern. 
Yet others feel what they have to say is the most important. 

How it's said is much more critical.
The way we speak our truth is an exhibit of compassion to others near and far.
Our world is made up of vibrations that we move.
When we move in truth, love, kindness, gentleness, and selflessness, we shine and warm all around us.
You don't have to believe in any religion to grasp these simple truths.

With the world's appetite for violence, people masking their intention in politics, preditors found out in our religious communities, it's no wonder people are angry, confused, and losing hope.

No matter how much or how loud hate speech someone uses, that will NEVER make it truthful.

Now is the time to fill the world with peaceful speech.

We will rise, reach out with helping hands and gentle words to help each other.  
This is not childish to want peaceful unions with all our n…

Until We Can Meet Without Pain

How do we bridge this pain of racial/sexual intolerance? 

We need to transform the pain, not bury it.

I may not know what my white privilege has brought me, but, I do know what oppression is. I have suffered because I have lady bits. Men of all colors meet on this playing field to oppress women. They are equal there. 

We, the oppressed, are equal here. We are growing stronger. We the others who have walked passed that field are now living in a sort of blissful worry for the world. How do we get them to join us in this love of life this joy in the heart?

 You can not yell, push, or plead. We need to love our enemy where there are. It is the only answer. See them as children guide them along.

The oppressors they fear her. They fear "the other." The other who will take something from them, who will make them feel weak.

We are all suffering and dumping it on the next person or persons.

 It's time to break free!

We smile at everyone hoping they will know I have "love" my he…

Passive Income

These days we can help each other out so easily by using affiliate links. Maybe a book and a cuppa tea?Or some of Mahan Kaur's Original Arton your choice of item.

The Changing Face Of Relationships

With porn addiction ever on the rise, the face of a relationship has changed.

Not only has this affected relationships it's affected men and women's confidence.

Spending too much time looking at porn and masturbating has turned a beautiful thing into a sad state of impotence, anger, jealousy, and regret.

Congratulations if you stopped the addiction of rubbing one out and hiding from life. 
But that's just the start. We need to get that energy moving up to the higher points in the spine.
Without moving the sexual energy up the spine, you are locked in the fear zone. 

Have you now replaced it with a screen? The endorphin hit is the same. Granted not totally but, that's why you're looking for more whiz bangs in that game or other media.

How about unplugging?
How about going for a walk and connecting with nature again? 
How about freeing your sexual energy to move up the spine and free your mind? 
How about finding joy in life and love again?

Free your mind without drugs, screens…

Letting Go Is Not Giving Up.

There are times when we just must let go.

 When you have poured your life, love and resources into a project, person or event, knowing when to let it go is the greatest knowledge. 

Things can't be forced into existence, when they are they are stillborn.

 Letting go can be moving forward.

When it's right the world will welcome it with a kind of ease. The stars align and the troubles have answers.

Knowing the difference between hard work will persevere and this is not tobe is an art.

Once you have mastered this a kind of ease washes over you.

Blessings in your struggles. Only you know the answer, listen inward.

And Now For Something Different, A Self Promotion

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Letting The Subconscious Do The Work

Have you ever experienced times when thinking too much gets you running in mind circles? Stressing out over getting it done fast, faster, fastest? Stepping back to relax and have a nice breath meditation lets your subconscious do the work.
I often hear from people that they feel it will do nothing. "I sat and did the meditation and nothing happened", they say. Our minds are overflowing these days, it takes time.
The thing is, if you are doing nothing, your subconscious is working on clearing the space to formulate what needs doing next. Having an idea is wonderful, but at times, this idea needs formulating.
When you are being passive, having some quiet time, going for a walk, taking a nap or doing an active meditation you are letting the subconscious get to work. If one grinds on an idea holding it too tightly, it will slip away or become stagnant. All ideas are babies. They need to grow and form, just like a baby in the womb. Too often, life is pushing at us to complete a proj…